Slot machines Microgaming


One of the most influential and popular companies in the online casino market. Slot machines Microgaming capable of generating incredible winnings in bonus games and regular spins. This is to the liking of players around the world.

Like all start-up companies, Mirkogaming experienced difficulties and problems in the early stages of its development. But the tenacity of the team of professionals brought the company to the world level, and today there are online casinos, which place the games only from this company.

The history of Microgaming’s development

The opening of the company took place in 1994 in the city of Durban, South Africa. Not much later, the company headquarters moved to the Isle of Man. In 1997, the first successes appeared and Microgaming achieved membership in IGS Gambling Council. Interactive Gaming Council is engaged in checking the software from game manufacturers, controlling the honesty and safety of the random number generator for online slots and board games for money.

In 2001, the manufacturer Microheiming released the first gaming machine with a progressive jackpot, which can still be found in all online casinos, the game is called Cash Splash. In the same year, Microheiming received the title of the best game developers according to one of the magazines.

The very first record for maximum payment in slot machines was assigned to this provider in 2002. The lucky player won the jackpot in the slot Major Millions, the size of 1.500.000 euros. This win was a sensation among gamblers and people involved in the gambling industry on the Internet.

Over the years, the success of the company began to assess the various departments and communities that are somehow engaged in online gambling institutions. Every online casino felt the need to get a partnership with Microgaming because the software from this company was very popular around the world.

Another significant event took place in 2008, when the company released a game machine with a hundred winning lines and a progressive jackpot of several hundred million rubles. This slot Mega Moolah, which a year after the launch, again set a record for payments of 6.000.000 euros. Such winnings stir the minds of players and force competitors to create online slots with big winnings. Perhaps it was Microheiming that influenced what online slots look like today.

In the years to come, Microgaming has worked to improve its gaming machines and adapt them to the mobile version. In 2010, the company managed to launch the new Quickfire platform, which greatly simplified the process of placing a software on online casino websites.

The third payment provider record was set for 2015 when the lucky player managed to win in Mega Moolah 17.879.645 euros. On this occasion, the company director invited the player to the Microheiming office to give him a tour and personally hand over the winning check.
What are Microgaming slot machines famous for?

Of course, their payments in the slot machines, which made richer many players. Not everyone can win the progressive jackpot, but the game is worth a candle. Many professionals who decided to create their own companies for the production of software for online gambling establishments, started their careers in Microheiming.

The impact on the gambling industry on the Internet is very large, but it allows Microheiming to produce not quality software. Since every game for money is checked by the regulators.