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Craigavon mural

Well done to all the activists who helped put up our mural in Craigavon


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Ireland has it’s own case of ‘Making a Murderer’ – in the case of the Craigavon 2 and at the hands of the British state. Find out more about the case on our website or like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter @craigavon2 to follow the case. Thank you!

Writing’s on the wall


Campaign supporters in Maghera recently refurbished this gable wall and erected this brilliant mural highlighting the continued miscarriage of justice. The JFTC2 committee and both Brendan and John Paul are deeply grateful for this act of solidarity.

Sun pays out 50k to Witness M

Newspaper that printed scurrilous Hillsborough disaster lies awards Witness ‘M’ 50k.

The Sun has paid out £50k to Witness M in the Craigavon Two case. Anyone that knows the case FACTS know that Witness M;
1. Only came forward to the police 10 MONTHS after Brendan and John Paul were arrested – he also called the PSNI in the middle of the night and intoxicated.
2. Continuously lied under oath
3. Was discredited by his own family and described as a “Walter Mitty”
4. Had no corroboration on his version of events, including the person who he said he was with when he claims to have seen Brendan McConville.
5. Has received monthly payouts from the PSNI since his ‘evidence’, as well as holidays paid and debts cleared.
6. Kate Carroll has said neither JP Wootton nor Brendan McConville shot her husband.
Witness M is a liar – this is a fact and the Sun have rewarded him for his role in putting two innocent men in jail for life sentences is absolutely disgusting and will be challenged.

We won’t be silenced – Joanne Donnelly.


The Screws at Maghaberry began frustrating attempts by committee members to visit Brendan McConville. Several attempts were made all week to secure a visit only to be lied to and the visit terminated without a valid reason, the JFTC2 committee deplores this behaviour and will not be deterred from its work by such orchestrated tactics read the chronology of the attempts made by Joanne our chairperson to visit Brendan.

“”On Thursday morning after 11.30am I called to book a visit to see Brendan McConville for the Friday, this visit was confirmed by the booking office operator. I then received a phone call later on the Thursday afternoon to inform me that Brendan was brought out on the same afternoon, only a few hours after my call that morning. Outraged I called the booking office at 4pm, only to be on the phone for an hour, disconnected twice and generally passed around, repeating the reason for my call over and over again. The call finally disconnected at 5pm, closing time, with no resolve to my complaint. The Friday morning, after trying for almost an hour to get through I was able to book a visit for Sunday. I was then informed that while I was on the phone booking a visit, Brendan was already on his way to the visiting room. Bare in mind I hadn’t booked a visit by this stage and was still on the phone to eventually get a visit booked for Sunday afternoon. On the Sunday morning, once again for the third time I was informed that Brendan had once again been brought out for a visit. I made my way to Maghaberry Gaol that afternoon to complain to the Visiting Manager, only to be handed a complaints form. I feel outraged by this sabotage, the hassle and annoyance this has caused to Brendan, his family and myself and will persevere for an explanation and return of the lost visit for Brendan. At such a crucial stage in the campaign these sort of repressive tactics are only to likely increase to hinder Brendan and John Paul’s fight for justice. We won’t be silenced – justice for the Craigavon Two!”.- Joanne Donnelly.

Three days messing around and the weekly visit lost, the Campaign will continue in earnest despite these futile actions and the committee will be seeking legal redress of the issue.


New chairperson elected for JFTC2 Committee


The JFTC2 committee held its AGM, outgoing chair Packy Carty went over the work carried out in 2015 and the large volume that is already mounting up for 2016.
In keeping with the new sharing of work and democratic rotation within the committee Packy Carty stepped down as chair and called on the committee to elect a new chair for 2016. The Wootton and McConville families nominated outgoing sectary and popular campaigner Joanne Donnelly who was then elected unanimously
Joanne leads the campaign into a crucial year. Both Brendan and John Paul’s legal teams will soon submit applications for the Criminal Cases Review Commission to investigate the Craigavon Two case as a miscarriage of justice.
Joanne and the committee call on all who have helped us to redouble their efforts in the year ahead. It is crucially important we bring public pressure to bear to help overturn this gross miscarriage of justice that continues to rob two families of their loved ones and robs two men of their freedom.
The recent phenomenon that is the Netflix series Making a Murderer has put miscarriages of justice on the public agenda, we have seen a renewed interest in Brendan and John Paul as a result of this. JFTC2 will use this period of interest to intensify the campaign for Justice for the Craigavon Two.

Making 2 murderers

MAKING (Medium)

Everyone seems to be talking about the Netflix series “Making A Murderer” about how Manitowoc County in the United States framed Stephen Avery not once but twice.

It’s very interesting to hear how aghast the Irish people and media are about this miscarriage of justice as if this has never happened in Ireland or Britain, have we forgotten about the Guildford 4, Birmingham 6 and the Maguire 7?

Compare the coverage Stephen Avery has received here in Ireland to the complete lack of media attention and public outcry over our own making a murderer case in occupied Ireland.

The Craigavon 2 Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton have been imprisoned for over six years for something they did not do yet no one seems to care.

The Irish media and human rights groups have rightly highlighted the case of Ibrahim Halawa in Egypt but ignore a case just a few miles up the road, why?

Will it take an american documentary for the Irish people, media, human rights groups etc to take notice of this miscarriage of justice?

For more info on the lads case and campaign give their page a like

Cover up


There was a fourth man charged in connection with the killing of constable Stephen Carroll.

This man led the PSNI to the AK 47 used in the sniper attack, then the man named in European Court documents as RE had his charges dropped as the judge banned the media from reporting about RE.

None of this was disclosed at the time of the Craigavon Two trial.

The Craigavon Two Committee now want to know why John Paul and Brendan where charged and convicted via joint enterprise using highly dubious evidence while a person who knew the location of the weapon used to kill the PSNI member walked free.

Crowdfunding appeal target reached – Thank you from the Craigavon two committee


We have just reached our crowd funding target of £500 a big thank you to everyone who pledged especially the large donation from Derry that brought us over the line, we will now push on and produce and publish the Craigavon Two booklet. ‪#‎JFTC2‬