In the Name of Justice. Visual media



One thought on “In the Name of Justice. Visual media

  1. Sue says:

    What the hell is wrong with the British justice system? It all needs to be overhauled. Everyone needs to be terminated from their jobs and a new honest group of people need to be in the courts and the police. The justice system there is so messed up. How can people live in a country with so much injustice? I would be afraid to walk the streets, as the cops will get me for anything when I am only an innocent person visiting GB. It really is scary to have a legal system such as this. The entire justice system needs to be hanged. They are harming innocent people, so therefore the justice system should be harmed. Give them a taste of their own freaking medicine. I just cannot believe all the people that are wrongfully convicted. Is that the courts answers is to just accuse innocent people and then close the books on cases. Lock innocent people up and throw away the key. How can the legal system sleep at night knowing they are being dishonest with people’s lives? What a sick freaking world we live in. I know I will never go to Great Britain, as I would probably be picked up by the police and accused of something I did not do. No wonder people are fleeing Great Britain and I cannot say I do not blame them. The British justice system does not look good in the eyes of a travelers/vacationers. I now look down on Great Britain and I do not think I will ever visit GB. I do not look down on the people. I look down on the GB’s legal system. Heck, I will take my vacation funds, go to another country, and I suggest others do the same. Why support GB when they have a corrupt legal system.

    Sue, USA

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