Slot Strategies and Tips

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This article has two purposes. The first is to debunk so-called “slot strategies” that sell unethical and unethical people. The second is to provide a number of useful tips for playing slots, which can really help you win more and enjoy the slot machines.

How slot machines work

The first thing to understand about slot machines is how they determine the winners. These games use a computer program called random number generator (RNG) to constantly generate numbers. It is these numbers determine how one or another drum will stop after you press the back button.

An important fact to remember is that this process is absolutely random, and there is no way to predict what will happen during this or that spin. Another important fact to keep in mind is that every drum rotation is a completely independent event. This means that the results of previous spins have NO effect on the results of subsequent spins.

The latter fact states that the random number generator is programmed in such a way that the casino has an irresistible mathematical advantage over the player. If you play long enough, the casino will definitely stay on the plus side just because the game is set up this way. This doesn’t mean that you can’t stay on the winning streak, but it has nothing to do with the choice of hot or cold machine.

Strategy slot machines that don’t work

Here are a few strategies that are called winning techniques on the Internet. Some of them are obviously ridiculous, while others seem to make sense but fall apart when viewed from the perspective of cold logic.

The zigzag system is my favorite meaningless strategy. The idea is that you look at the drums of several machines in order to find a pattern. For example, you want to find a “V” or “X” form in the form of certain symbols. The idea is that if such a form is present, the machine is ready to make a good payout.

Of course, if you understand that the symbols on the reels are just a symbol, the whole strategy falls apart. Slot machines never go into mode when they are ready to make a payout. Every spin is a completely independent event.

Money management systems are very often presented as a way out of the gaming session winner, but in reality it is quite different. The idea behind money management is that you set yourself goals to win and limit your losses. The main goal is to limit the amount of money you can lose if the slot machine is cold, or to exit the game if you find yourself in a good position when the machine is hot.

We, of course, understand that in the real world machines do not become cold or hot, so any type of such financial management will not matter.

Often such financial management techniques are combined with methods to predict whether the slot is cold or hot. Writer John Patrick has published a whole book about these strangely sounding “strategies” based on this combination.

One of them is called “exactly 60”. The idea is that you should quit if you win or lose 60% of your bankroll. Another condition of this system is that if you have wasted 9 spins in a row, you must also quit (a spin is a spin in which you have won absolutely nothing).

So, suppose you started your session with a $25 bankroll. You will play until one of the following events takes place:

  • You lost $15.
  • You won $15.
  • You lost in nine consecutive spins.

Honestly, it is a fairly simple system, so it does not take much intelligence to remember it and apply it in practice. But the idea that it can let you win more money (or lose less) is ridiculous. This system does absolutely nothing to tip the game chances in your direction.

Another system from the same book is called “play and run”. The point is that you should not spend more than 5 or 10 minutes at each slot machine, and then you should just run away with your winnings. Patrick suggests splitting your bankroll into 5 or 10 sessions of 5 or 10 minutes each. Also, as with all his systems, you should exit the slot machine if you have played 9 spins in a row for nothing.

How can anyone think that such a strategy can help them win more money just confuses me.

Slot Tips

Now that we have parsed a few slot machine strategies that do not work, let’s take a look at some real, fact-based tips that can really affect your bankroll. These tips are fully based on the realities of how these games work.

  • Tip #1 – Play for fun. There will always be a mathematical advantage over a player that you can’t beat. So you should approach your game sessions with the expectation that you can lose, but in the hope of winning by chance. Your main goal should be to have fun while you play the slot.
  • Tip #2 – Join the club of players. Almost all casinos have loyalty bonuses, benefits and rewards for loyal players. The institution gives you a special card, which you insert into the slot machine so that the casino can track how much money you invest in the game. They then give you back a tiny percentage (something like 0.1% or 0.2%) in the form of benefits, food, paid travel and other entertainment.
    One of the myths you have to ignore is that slots pay out less winnings if you put your club card in it. This is ridiculous. We’ve discussed how the random number generator actually works before.
  • Tip #3 – Avoid progressive games if they don’t involve the possibility of winning money that can change your life. Due to the fact that the potential winnings on progressive slot machines are so great, these slots are much less likely to win. They are forced to do so in order to allow players in rare cases to win a huge jackpot. For the average player, playing the slot machine with lower jackpots, there are more opportunities to win, even though the winnings themselves will be less.
    On the other hand, if your main goal is to win a million dollars, then choose progressive games. You just have to understand that the chance to change your life by winning a huge jackpot is very low. The odds are about the same as the chances of winning the lottery.
  • Tip #4 – Don’t play for the money you need for your life. This should be clear without explanation, but if you are playing for money you can’t afford to lose, then you have a problem and you should seek professional help of some kind. You can’t play slots and you can’t afford to do it for a living.
  • Tip #5 – Try video poker. This game is similar to slots, but in video poker the payout percentages are slightly better, as are the opportunities to use strategies that can increase your chances. Video poker is not suitable for everyone, but I know many former slots that switched to video poker as soon as they tried it.
  • Tip #6 – Play slower. Some players in slots do 600 spins in an hour or more. However, keep in mind the following. The more money you invest in a casino game, the more opportunities you have to take advantage of it and win all your money. So play slower. Talk to the players who are sitting next to you. Take a sip of beer between your backs. Anything you do to reduce the amount of money you invest in the game in one hour will allow your bankroll to last longer.
  • Tip #7 – Do not play slots at the airport. These are the worst games in town, wherever you are. Be patient until you get to the casino and your money will last longer, and you will also improve your chances of winning.

NetEnt Slot Machines: Company Development History

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NetEnt Company

In modern online casinos, the most popular use slot machines NetEnt. Slots NetEnt are leaders in the gaming industry. This is one of the oldest companies producing gambling for online gambling establishments. Over the years, they have earned an excellent reputation among players around the world, slots from this company can be found in almost every virtual club.

The history of the company NetEnt

Few players are interested in the origin of this or that company, and how in general this kind of company was created, but such stories are very interesting.

The company NetEnt, the full name of which Net Entertainment, was founded in Sweden in 1996, then online slots were not yet popular as today. And the company’s employees worked to create software for sweepstakes, while engaged in the development of their game sites. Before NetEnt began to produce online slots, they worked for six years, and in 2002 was launched Casinomodule, this name you can see in the browser bar after running the slot.

Six years later, the company NetEnt began to gain popularity among the gambling industry on the Internet. One of the secrets of success, there was a team of experienced programmers who developed slot machines so that they could easily be added to existing casino sites, so the owners of online gambling establishments appreciated this ease of placement.

After several years of successful work, the company Net Entertainment received a license from the company regulator, which is located in Malta. Such a certificate opened the door for more development of the company in the future, because if a license, online casinos could trust the software from NetEnt.

What are famous slot machines NetEnt

One of the most significant events in the company took place in 2011. Then NetEnt programmers managed to adapt online slots for the mobile version of “iOS” and “Android” operating systems. It was in 2011 that the era of smartphones began and each of its users had access to the Internet, and thus, to real money games using their phones. The most popular slot machines at that time:

  • Gonzo’s Quest;
  • Jack Hammer;
  • Blackjack;

These were the first games that could be played with a smartphone, and gradually Netent’s developers began to adapt the other slots for the mobile version.

Money games in online casinos are not only famous for slot machines and board games, in Netent understood this very well and in 2013 they launched their platform for games with a live dealer. All these events helped the company to make an important achievement and enter the gaming market in the United States. And in the same year, online slots and other games from Netent were certified, for cooperation with countries, Spain and the UK. These successes have led to incredible success and recognition of the company, among the most successful representatives of the gambling business.

From now on, every online casino wanted to get cooperation with NetEnt and introduce their games on their sites. Since among gamblers, one of the most popular providers as NetEnt.

The most popular NetEnt slot machines

Of course, not all slot machines released by this provider, are successful among the players. Among the dozens of slots, there are the brightest and most popular, familiar to players around the world:

Dead or Alive 2 – One of the latest innovations that have turned the standard understanding of online slots in general.

Divine Fortune – Slot entered the online casino shelves just a couple of years ago, and in a short period of time has made thousands of players happy.

The slot machine has a progressive jackpot, which can be won at a minimum rate of 10 rubles, which has been proven many times gamblers around the world.