We won’t be silenced – Joanne Donnelly.


The Screws at Maghaberry began frustrating attempts by committee members to visit Brendan McConville. Several attempts were made all week to secure a visit only to be lied to and the visit terminated without a valid reason, the JFTC2 committee deplores this behaviour and will not be deterred from its work by such orchestrated tactics read the chronology of the attempts made by Joanne our chairperson to visit Brendan.

“”On Thursday morning after 11.30am I called to book a visit to see Brendan McConville for the Friday, this visit was confirmed by the booking office operator. I then received a phone call later on the Thursday afternoon to inform me that Brendan was brought out on the same afternoon, only a few hours after my call that morning. Outraged I called the booking office at 4pm, only to be on the phone for an hour, disconnected twice and generally passed around, repeating the reason for my call over and over again. The call finally disconnected at 5pm, closing time, with no resolve to my complaint. The Friday morning, after trying for almost an hour to get through I was able to book a visit for Sunday. I was then informed that while I was on the phone booking a visit, Brendan was already on his way to the visiting room. Bare in mind I hadn’t booked a visit by this stage and was still on the phone to eventually get a visit booked for Sunday afternoon. On the Sunday morning, once again for the third time I was informed that Brendan had once again been brought out for a visit. I made my way to Maghaberry Gaol that afternoon to complain to the Visiting Manager, only to be handed a complaints form. I feel outraged by this sabotage, the hassle and annoyance this has caused to Brendan, his family and myself and will persevere for an explanation and return of the lost visit for Brendan. At such a crucial stage in the campaign these sort of repressive tactics are only to likely increase to hinder Brendan and John Paul’s fight for justice. We won’t be silenced – justice for the Craigavon Two!”.- Joanne Donnelly.

Three days messing around and the weekly visit lost, the Campaign will continue in earnest despite these futile actions and the committee will be seeking legal redress of the issue.



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