Sun pays out 50k to Witness M

Newspaper that printed scurrilous Hillsborough disaster lies awards Witness ‘M’ 50k.

The Sun has paid out £50k to Witness M in the Craigavon Two case. Anyone that knows the case FACTS know that Witness M;
1. Only came forward to the police 10 MONTHS after Brendan and John Paul were arrested – he also called the PSNI in the middle of the night and intoxicated.
2. Continuously lied under oath
3. Was discredited by his own family and described as a “Walter Mitty”
4. Had no corroboration on his version of events, including the person who he said he was with when he claims to have seen Brendan McConville.
5. Has received monthly payouts from the PSNI since his ‘evidence’, as well as holidays paid and debts cleared.
6. Kate Carroll has said neither JP Wootton nor Brendan McConville shot her husband.
Witness M is a liar – this is a fact and the Sun have rewarded him for his role in putting two innocent men in jail for life sentences is absolutely disgusting and will be challenged.


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