New chairperson elected for JFTC2 Committee


The JFTC2 committee held its AGM, outgoing chair Packy Carty went over the work carried out in 2015 and the large volume that is already mounting up for 2016.
In keeping with the new sharing of work and democratic rotation within the committee Packy Carty stepped down as chair and called on the committee to elect a new chair for 2016. The Wootton and McConville families nominated outgoing sectary and popular campaigner Joanne Donnelly who was then elected unanimously
Joanne leads the campaign into a crucial year. Both Brendan and John Paul’s legal teams will soon submit applications for the Criminal Cases Review Commission to investigate the Craigavon Two case as a miscarriage of justice.
Joanne and the committee call on all who have helped us to redouble their efforts in the year ahead. It is crucially important we bring public pressure to bear to help overturn this gross miscarriage of justice that continues to rob two families of their loved ones and robs two men of their freedom.
The recent phenomenon that is the Netflix series Making a Murderer has put miscarriages of justice on the public agenda, we have seen a renewed interest in Brendan and John Paul as a result of this. JFTC2 will use this period of interest to intensify the campaign for Justice for the Craigavon Two.


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