Collusion is not an illusion

Last night’s ‪#‎Panorama‬ shed light on how the Police, British Army & Mi5 were involved in ‪#‎collusion‬ which led to state sponsored murder. We seen that even members of the Police were expendable in an effort to protect informers. We seen that Lawyers, Journalists and civilians were all deemed legitimate targets by these dark forces.

But any hint that these tactics and practices are part of the bygone ‘bad old days’ need taken with a pinch of salt. In the case of the Craigavon Two their is much evidence to suggest that the security services were complicit in the killing of constable Stephen Carroll in 2009. The case has seen the targeting of the legal teams by a sinister covert intelligence operation, the UN was lobbied to step in and protect the legal teams, British Army, PSNI, Public Prosecution Service, the Prison Service have all we believe been involved in perverting the course of justice, through evidence tampering evidence planting, failing to investigate wrong doing, fabrication of charges intimidation of witnesses and much much more.
It’s time the full facts of the Craigavon Two case were laid bare to the public in a similar fashion to last night’s Panorama piece.
Two men remain imprisoned for life due to this miscarriage of justice and we will continue to fight until the truth is heard and the wrongful convictions of Brendan Mc Conville and John Paul Wootton are overturned.


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