Craigavon Two’s Appeal update

Final Day of Appeal – ‘Justice for the Craigavon Two’
Judgement Reserved to be Handed Down as Soon as Practicable
j4c2Present at the final days evidence and submissions which were presented in the Craigavon Two Appeal trial at Belfast High Court were Constable Stephen Carrolls widow Kate Carroll the police officers involved in the original investigation and subsequent trial along with the the families of both the men seeking through their appeal to have their convictions quashed for the murder of Constable Carroll, Brendan McConville and John Paul Wootton.
Detective Chief Inspector Harkness retook the stand this morning to continue to be cross examined by Queens Counsel for the defense Mr Barry McDonald .DCI Harkness proceeded to produce a document that he wished to read from which had not been previously been disclosed to the court the defense team or the prosecution.

This document related to a timetable of events which he (Harkness) believed proved he had been supplied with covertly recorded intelligence on April 12 2013 at 17.03 material which had been received on April 11 2013 by intelligence officers and then passed onto him ,that led him to believe that witness Ms father his family and indeed the community were in danger and this is the basis upon he which he tasked one of his officers to open a discreet investigation into witness Ms father at 17.10 on April 12 2013. (Read More)



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