Justice For Brendan & John Paul

Justice for the Craigavon two is a Group set up to campaign for justice for Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton who were both convicted for the killing of PSNI constable Stephen Carroll and sentenced to life imprisonment.
we firmly believe that the case was corrupt and the “evidence” used inconclusive, contradictory and in places discredited, we believe that both men find themselves victims of a system that sought to find suitable scapegoats in the wake of the political and media backlash following the Killing.

Both Brendan and John Paul’s appeals are coming up on the 29th April 2013. We hope to draw attention to this miscarriage of justice, if their is no public scrutiny of this case we believe the system will safe guard its own and ratify the life sentences, we ask you the public to look at the facts, look past the media sound bites and look at the case. In the bare light of day we are convinced that anyone who looks at the case will see clearly the loose evidence used and the twisted perceptions used to uphold discredited an inconclusive forensics , the use of vulnerable and impressionable and discredited witnesses all contrived to put Brendan McConville and John Paul Wooton in Jail for Life.
Read the facts , make Your voice heard don’t let this miscarriage of justice continue.
Contact us  justice4thetwo@gmail.com

3 thoughts on “Justice For Brendan & John Paul

  1. susan connolly says:

    I find it really sad that in this day and age, people can be still fitted up by the police. You would think after the guildford four and the birmingham six that this would not be able to happen, but unfortunately it does. I have no doubt that these two men are innocent. Also when the prison wardens address was found in the cell, and it turned out to be a prison officer, why wasn’t this officer charged and convicted? Also why are diplock trials still happening? They were only meant to be temporary trials. I truly hope and pray these two young men are finally freed, then maybe the police can look for the real killers.

    • graham brown lochgilp says:

      it is our duty to fight for the freedom of these two innocent men.my thoughts and full support go to brendan,john paul and their families.beyond belief but sadly not surprising they have been convicted by such a corrupt legal system.i will do my utmost to spread the word and highlight the plight of the craigavon two

  2. Sean Thompson / Irish Republican Prisoners Support Group (Londom) says:

    Throughout the decades the british state has taken hostage & imprisoned countless innocent irishmen&women, young&old alike, subjecting them to inhumane degrading prison conditions & to suffer brutal treatment at the hands of their gaolors,this is their attempt to terrorise the community..and throughout those decades the people stood strong together and showed that british state sponsored terror against our people will not break their spirit in our fight for justice.. FREE THE CRAIGAVON TWO NOW…

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